Is Living with Good Friends Really A Good Idea?


Living in London is an experience, it is an amazing and vibrant city but making sure you are in the best living situation can be tricky. We all know that unless you live in a small box-sized apartment, live with your partner or are a millionaire, you are likely going to be sharing your house with others. I have had my fair share of drama in the past and there was a point where I was actually upset about living in London.

It just goes to show how important a comfortable home is and that is not just determined about how big your room is, what TV you have or what duvet keeps you warm at night (although I must say I am living my best life with my new feather duvet)! The people you live with make such a difference. My last living situation was ruined by a B*** who made us all feel like we were living in HER home, when she was a tenant too.

So a big part of me rejoiced when one of my close Uni friend said there was a spare room going at her apartment. a) The apartment was managed by a letting agency which means equal rights at home b) I knew we would get along and now, nearly two years later I am very comfortable at home and never feel heavy hearted or awkward in my living quarters. I live with two of my close friends from Uni, which means we have known each other for years but knowing someone does not always mean they will make your best roomate. I have put a few things to look out for in order to ensure that moving in with your friend does not become the end of your friendship:

  • You have similar hobbies but also individual friendship groups

The thing about moving in with a friend is that if you guys do not have any separate friends you will be hanging out with each other ALL.THE.TIME. I love my friends but I don’t love ya’ll like that.  Space is as importance in any relationship as is spending time together. It always works well having similar hobbies or TV shows that you can come home and watch together – I love a spontaneous night in with the girls and we never have to fight on what we cast on TV (via chromecast), but at the same time, still have time apart with other friends/partners so you do not get sick of eachother’s faces.

  • You don’t take domestic feedback too personally

When living together, there are bound to be times where someone has something to say about cleaning something up or throwing the bin or making noise at 2am when you come home drunk (guilty, guilty, guilty). If you are the type of person that takes this to heart, this could have an impact on your friendship. The key to living together is open communication. Have a whatsapp group and anything that needs to be done or made aware off can be raised there , in a very friendly, non-hostile manner. But if you are lucky, like me, your friends/flatmates will have the common sense to know what to be mindful off 🙂 Consider rota’s to make life stress free.

  • You still take time out for social activities 

This rule also plays importance if you live with your other half. Living with friends often means that you see each other a lot (at home) but you do not go out to do social activities as much as you use too! Dates and girls night outs are important bonding activities that should not be pushed aside just because you share a home. Watching TV while eating dinner at home is a different dynamic to hanging out with friends and doing activities.

If you bear the above three in mind, and take simple steps like being mindful and cleaning up after yourself then living with your close friends is actually such a great experience. You get to come home to a loving environment with good energy and talk about your day to your closest pal’s without having to send a voice note. And if you are blessed with great friends like me, then there will be a lot of laughs shared – and who doesn’t like laughing?

I have heard of people who have fallen out with their friends because of living together, and that can easily happen if boundaries are not respected or one party is inconsiderate. Sometimes, your friend might be a great friend to catch up with and have fun but not the person you want to live with so I do not want to sell the dream and say it will always be perfect. Accept your differences and decide if it is worth the risk!


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