When in Dubai… Have A Private Yacht Party

dubai yacht party

If you are looking for a cultural getaway then Dubai probably isn't your ideal destination. Apart from the Dubai dessert and old souks, the rest of the city is a modern concrete jungle. However, if you want to party all night in extravagant surroundings then this will be your dream. Dubai reminded me of Las … Continue reading When in Dubai… Have A Private Yacht Party


The Struggle of The Modern Day Single Woman

I am surrounded by the modern day independent woman who gets what she wants on her own, works hard and has so much ambition but is always talking about how men aren’t shit and they are all “wastemen”. I am admittedly one of them and it had me thinking about the society we live in … Continue reading The Struggle of The Modern Day Single Woman

Soul of A Nation – A Revoking Exhibition

soul of a nation exhibition

To say I have been living in London for over 3 years and hadn't been to the Tate modern, I took this art exhibition as my perfect excuse for some culture in the capital.  The soul of a nation - art in the age of black power exhibition showcased art from 1963 to 1983 but … Continue reading Soul of A Nation – A Revoking Exhibition


Tale as Old as Time Afternoon Tea

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to be a part of the PANDORA Disney Jewellery collection launch in London. As with all things Disney, it was a very magical affair especially when we took a seat at the table to the "tale as old as time" afternoon tea. Disney was a a big part … Continue reading Tale as Old as Time Afternoon Tea


An Arabian Desert Safari Adventure

                                          Arabian nights, like a Arabian days I have just returned from an amazing trip to Dubai and apart from the great parties and ladies nights, one of my favourites was the desert safari by … Continue reading An Arabian Desert Safari Adventure


The Best of London’s Street Art Part 2

It's hard not to stop and admire street art when you're walking the streets of London, it's almost hard to avoid. This city expresses so much emotion and soul in it's art, making it so hard not to fall in love. After my first post showing some of my favourite street art pieces in London was … Continue reading The Best of London’s Street Art Part 2


Curly Hair Confessions

*Disclaimer: This post talks a lot about hair so please avoid scrolling down if you have hair phobia (Chaetophobia) Your hair is your identity – and it took me awhile to really appreciate this thick, curly mane. Growing up in Singapore, the humidity did me no favours and I was a walking fur ball - … Continue reading Curly Hair Confessions


A Pretty Irish Country Wedding

kilkenny castle

So it's nearly October, the summer months are over. Does anyone else feel like it lasted about a week? As if it was 2 months ago that I made my first visit to Ireland! It is so crazy how sometimes you focus so much on travelling to some exotic destination faraway when you have something … Continue reading A Pretty Irish Country Wedding


Mel Tries – A Vegan detox

After this alcohol, sugar - in fact just calories in general, filled summer that I have had I decided to give my body a cleanse. Not only am I attempting #SoberSeptember, I am going Vegan for 10 days too (for the first time everrrr). Why? My skin was so bad by the end of summer … Continue reading Mel Tries – A Vegan detox


Mel Tries – Mountain Biking in Sweden

With my whole aim to try something new every month, I was kitted up in full cycling gear (thanks to my mom) and brought on my first proper mountain bike experience in Sweden (thanks to her boyfriend). I say proper, because I have cycled up a few hills, like the attempt to cycle to Vintgar … Continue reading Mel Tries – Mountain Biking in Sweden